Private VPN with SmartDNS including static IP

Ultimate security and GEO Block Free

Our VPN creates a secure and encrypted connection, coupled with your own server and static IP. It allows you to browse the web anonymously and access geo-restricted content. In addition, SmartDNS is a technology allows you to bypass geo-restrictions without compromising internet speed

It your server

No one shares your VPN resource with you, its 100% yours with a Static IP, you control the entire server

Simple to Use

Incredibly simple to use, no complex configurations and no loss of any services you would normall use.

Class C Subnet

Weve added 255 IP's as a private net for your devices, it can be your entire office

Monthly Plan
Yearly Plan


Access video or streaming services and websites not in your region



Normally £7/month

Normally £70/year

Top Features

  • Stream any Content
  • Unlock Geo Restrictions
  • Access Popular Streams
  • Change your location
  • Browse anything
  • No App Required
  • Multiple Devices

Also Includes

  • Works on any Device
  • Setup in seconds
  • No Contract
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Private VPN with IP

Most Popular

A VPN where you own the server and a static IP, incorporates SmartDNS



Normally £12/month

Normally £120/year

Top Features

  • L2TP / IPSEC / PPP
  • Own Server / No Logs
  • Dedicated Static IP
  • SmartDNS coded in to VPN
  • Your own ACL List
  • Multiple Users & Devices
  • Class C Private IP Block
  • Add DPF on Checkout

Also Includes

  • Any UK Domain Name
  • Vanity VPN Server Address
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Contract
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Mailcleaner +

Antispam and Email Security for any domain name, on or off our systems. Bi Directional



Normally £19/month

Normally £190/year

Top Features

  • Spam & Virus Removal
  • Bi Directional Filtering
  • Smarthost Relay
  • Stops Phishing
  • DNS Blocklists
  • URL Blocklists
  • Quarrantine Per User
  • No Bandwidth Limitations

Also Includes

  • User Whitelists
  • User Blacklists
  • 1:1 Setup Support
  • No Contract
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Deep Packet Filter

Complete data conditioning removing rogue spam and traffic at source, including ads



Normally £22/month

Normally £220/year

Top Features

  • Own Server and IP
  • Admin Tools
  • Blocks all Adverts
  • Removes Telemetry
  • Blocks in App Adverts
  • Blocks Tracking Domains
  • Block Phishing
  • Blocks Fraud and Scam Lists

Also Includes

  • White / Blacklist Controls
  • User Service Blocking
  • User Social Blocking
  • User Content Blocking
  • 24/7 Customer Support
SmartDNS Setup

Fully Managed Service

We process all technical the steps to get your business up and running running or transferred within 24 hours.

  • Select Private VPN

    Select the Private VPN Service and complete the checkout process

  • Ticket Response

    On complettion, check the access response ticket sent to your email address

  • Access VPN

    Access your VPN either with the provided IP or your own vanity domain name

  • Stream and Go

    Access your region sensitive streaming and Data Services

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real people 24/7

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*Email : Support

*Free Phone : 0808 304 8316

*Switchboard : +44 (0) 1273 257623

*VOIP Extension : 100 or 102 (Free Account)